2019 Instructors

The 2019 Insta-Inspire Photography Retreat is featuring an all-star line-up of your Instagram favorites. Together, these photographers boast a collective following of over a quarter of a million followers on our favorite photo app. If you join us in Charleston, South Carolina, on April 26-28, 2019, you won't just drool over their images on your phone. You will have the chance to shoot, edit and play with each of them! (** means that superstar is part of the Insta-Inspire planning team! Three cheers for these people who make big things happen.)

 Meg Loeks |  @meg_nlo

Meg Loeks | @meg_nlo

 Courtney Bowles |  @courtneyathome

Courtney Bowles | @courtneyathome

 Candice Gleason |  @candice_gleason_photography
 Shalonda Chaddock |  @chubbycheekphotography

Shalonda Chaddock | @chubbycheekphotography

 Stephanie Bryan |  @stephaniebryan

Stephanie Bryan | @stephaniebryan

 Shelby Zavala |  @in_thislight

Shelby Zavala | @in_thislight

 Helen Whittle |  @helenwhittlephotography

Helen Whittle | @helenwhittlephotography

 Kristen Ryan |  @kristenryanphotography
 Amy Vecchio |  @capturedsimplicity

Amy Vecchio | @capturedsimplicity

 Amber Talbert |  @ambertalbertphotography

Amber Talbert | @ambertalbertphotography

 **Brandi Markham |  @brandimarkham

**Brandi Markham | @brandimarkham

 Jamie Olsen |  @jamieolsen7

Jamie Olsen | @jamieolsen7

 **Whitney Williams |  @sweetwallymomma

**Whitney Williams | @sweetwallymomma

 Nicole Kost |  @nicolepkost

Nicole Kost | @nicolepkost

 **Natalie Greenroyd |  @natalie_g_photography

**Natalie Greenroyd | @natalie_g_photography

 **Emily Hamson |  @em_hamson

**Emily Hamson | @em_hamson